Listen Louder, Speak Authentically

Connect with your audience and elevate your business with the 3 C’s.

The 3 C’s and
the Key to Success




If You Aren’t Communicating Clearly, Your Business Isn’t Connecting

Do you ever feel:

Frustrated by not having the right things to say

Like its difficult to get in the right mindset

As if you are struggling to connect on an emotional level

Exhausted trying to find your voice

Confused as to why you’re not reaching your audience

Find your voice, speak confidently, and lead with compassion!

Learning to Communicate with Your Community is Vital to How 
They Engage With You

Workshops and seminars built to engage you with your community

Professional coaching to help you to enhance your communication and leadership skills

Emceeing for ceremonies, staged events, conferences, conventions and more

Podcasts and radio shows that are thought-provoking and speaks on communication, community, and compassion

As a leading expert, Glenda was featured in Sharp Women Magazine. She shares the incredible story becoming a Professional Speaker and Public Speaking Coach. She talking about her resiliency, how compassion and courage kept her moving forward, and the important lessons she’s learned along the way.

Glenda shares how she’s coached people living with adversity, loss or despair, and how she helps them to find hope, provides support and encouragement, and provides them with the tools they need to grow and move forward.

I can’t say enough good things about Glenda.
What an amazing and strong individual.
A beautiful person who encourages you to grow.

- Conference Workshop Participant

Impactful speaking is within reach

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Becoming your ideal self by having the daily reminders of who you were, who you are, and who you strive to be. Everyday we are bombarded by distractions and outside thoughts that we sometimes forget to stay authentic and keep it real. This podcast will motivate, inspire, and remind you that the small things in life gives you the biggest impact.