About Glenda Sheard

Glenda speaks to inspire, to connect, and to motivate. As a Public Speaker and Speaking Coach, she teaches people how to engage others through the use of her 3 C’s; Community, Compassion, and Communication.

Along her journey she has helped coach people living with adversity, loss or despair, helping them find hope, providing support and encouragement, and gives them the tools they need to grow and move forward. She brings compassion to the stage, connects in a heartfelt way, and builds impactful relationships those she helps.

Currently, she hosts her own podcast, and radio show, and talks about her experiences, her journey, and how she applies her 3 C’s to her everyday life. Glenda captivates her audience with confidence, sincerity, and of course; a little humour. She speaks with authenticity and listens louder.

Keynote Speaker & Event Emcee

Workshop Presenter

Coach and Mentor

Motivational Influencer

Speaking coach

Communications Facilitator

Best Selling Author

Certified Coach Practitioner

A Compassionate Tomorrow.

– Glenda Sheard

I believe, more than ever before, we need to bring compassion where ever we can. Be it, in our homes, our communities, and even globally, we need to start sharing in a compassionate tomorrow. With the skills I bring to the table, I am well on my way to connecting people with purpose, and sharing messages and lessons the world needs the most.

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Woman of


Canadian Association of
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30 Years

Queen Elizabeth II’s 
Platinum Jubilee Medal


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Keeping It Real
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Sunday Night with Glenda

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