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Glenda speaks to inspire, to connect, and to motivate. As a Public Speaker and Speaking Coach, she teaches people how to engage others through the use of her 3 C’s; Community, Compassion, and Communication.Currently you can find her on her own podcast and radio show where she talks about her experiences, her journey, and how she applies her 3 C’s to her everyday life to create a Compassionate Tomorrow. Glenda also presents at a variety of speaking events, including keynotes, workshops, and coaching seminars to connect and engage with those around her more personally. She strives to captivate her audience with confidence, sincerity, and of course; a little humour. She speaks with authenticity and listens louder.

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Keeping it Real with Glenda Sheard

Becoming your ideal self by having the daily reminders of who you were, who you are, and who you strive to be. Everyday we are bombarded by distractions and outside thoughts that we sometimes forget to stay authentic and keep it real. This podcast will motivate, inspire, and remind you that the small things in life gives you the biggest impact.

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Sunday Night with Glenda Sheard

Communication, Community, Compassion. Glenda will chat about topics of the day/week, inspirational people, current events, and whatever else she comes up with.

Tune in to my Radio Show

The Park in the Country with Glenda Sheard

Check out Glenda’s new and second radio show!

Wow! Glenda, your speech was amazing! In less than 7 minutes, you turned on the light bulb in the heads of many of us in the room – leadership is not about title and every one of us are leaders already.

- Dotun Eliezer, Director of Marketing & Communication- ISACA Edmonton chapter

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